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pixiv's policy on AI-generated work

Greetings from pixiv.

We have recently witnessed a surge of inquiries regarding artworks in which all or most of the production process is carried out by AI (hereinafter referred to as "AI-generated work").

Starting in late October 2022, we'll make the following changes to pixiv to help you discern between regular posts and AI-generated work.

■ Upcoming changes
・We'll introduce a feature enabling anyone to set their own AI-generated work as such when uploading it
・You'll be able to filter out AI-generated work in your searches
・We'll add separate rankings for AI-generated work

More details on each feature will be announced upon release.

Please note that these changes are not necessarily permanent, and may be reviewed and modified as necessary. We're also considering taking additional measures, such as updating the service's Terms of Use and Guidelines and revising other pixiv features.

At pixiv, we believe that the use of AI technology in the creative process will become even more widespread in the future, and we have no plans to ban AI-generated artwork completely.

We believe that AI technology, like other technologies that have been developed up until today, such as art supplies and resources, drawing software and digital tools, and 3D technology, can be a valuable ally to creators.
Ultimately, we are looking for ways in which the creative community and technology can coexist successfully.

On the other hand, the rapid development of this technology has brought about various concerns and different perspectives about the use of AI, and we realize the regulations and ethics discourse haven't kept up with the pace of this transition. We are currently researching various topics related to AI technology and discussing each matter.
We are committed to long-term efforts to address the concerns of creators, general sentiment, and legal limits so that everybody can enjoy the world of creation with peace of mind.

Thank you for your patronage with pixiv.
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