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pixiv Users Broke 4 Million!


This is an announcement from the pixiv team.

As of 28 Jan, 2012, after 1601 days of managing pixiv,we have finally reached 4 million users! We would like to thank all users from the bottom of our heart for using our services.
The Usage Condition and registered user data are as follows :

・Usage Condition
Monthly page views Approx. 2.8 billion
Total submitted works Approx. 24.5 million works

・User Data Transition
September 10 Began management
September 29 10,000 users(in 19 days)

January 7 50,000 users(in 110 days)
March 18 100,000 users(in 190 days)
June 24 200,000 users (in 288 days)
September 4 300,000 users(in 360 days)
November 2 400,000 users(in 419 days)
December 30 500,000 users(in 477 days)

February 8 600,000 users(in 517 days)
March 20 700,000 users(in 557 days)
April 28 800,000 users(in 596 days)
May 20 900,000 users(in 618 days)
June 26 1 million users(in 655 days)

January 10 1.5 million users(in 838 days)
May 22 2 million users(in 985 days)
October 24 2.5 million users(in 1140 days)

March 29 3 million users(in 1296 days)

4 million users January 28(in 1602 days)

We hope you will continue enjoying pixiv in the future!
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  • ピクシブ文芸
  • sensei
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  • pixiv FACTORY
  • 松井恵理子・内村史子のMY LOVE STREET-まイラぶストりーと powered by pixiv
  • 中途・新卒エントリー募集
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