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About spam accounts

Greetings from pixiv.

We've confirmed a trend on pixiv of posts in violation of the Terms of Use and Guidelines, featuring live-action pornography, or directing users to sites where such products are sold.

If you access such an illegal site via a QR code or URL embedded in such a comment, there is a possibility that you may fall victim to fraud, or be held criminally liable for possession of child pornography.
Do not access these sites under any circumstances.

■ If you find spam post, please report it to us
The pixiv office uses a variety of methods to flag and block spam accounts, and to ensure that only spam posts, and not regular posts, are blocked.

Recently, there have been fewer incidences of spam accounts, but due to the fact that there are many operators of spam accounts, spam posts may be displayed nonetheless.

We warn you against accessing information provided in spam posts, but we also welcome your cooperation in reporting spam posts so that we can root out and block the accounts. We will investigate the content of your reports and deal with the accounts accordingly.

■ How to report a spam post
Click on the ""..."" button at the bottom right of the work page, and select ""Report a problem"".
Please select the reason for your report, such as ""This work contains content equivalent to child pornography or child abuse"", ""This work contains information for the purposes of commercial advertisement, promotion, or solicitation"", etc.

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On desktop:

pixiv always strives to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our users.
Thank you for your cooperation and patience in helping us solve this issue.
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