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March 13, 2023
Announcement regarding restoration of the comment feature on the pixiv app for iOS
March 13, 2023
Greetings from pixiv.

To comply with the App Store guidelines, comment posting and comment display were disabled for the iOS version of the pixiv app from November 28th, 2022. Comments have been restored in the new version (ver.7.16.7), which will be released on Monday, March 13th, 2023.

However, the comment feature is scheduled to be rolled out gradually, so it may take some time before everyone is able to access this feature on their devices.

■ Addition of the "Report comment" feature and automated comment moderation

A number of comments were confirmed to be in violation of the App Store guidelines.
In order to maintain the comment feature while adhering to the App Store guidelines, we have added the "Report comment" feature and also added automated comment moderation.

These measures were necessary in order to ensure a safe and comfortable pixiv app for everyone. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Report comment feature
On the Android version of the pixiv app, people can use the "Report comment" feature to send a report to the pixiv team about inappropriate comments posted on their own or others' work.
We ask that you carefully check the Terms of Use and Guidelines before reporting.

■ pixiv Service Terms of Use

■ pixiv Guidelines

Reports will be checked by the pixiv team in the order that they are received. If a comment is deemed to be in violation of the Terms of Use and/or Guidelines, the comment will be deleted, and appropriate measures will be taken regarding the person who posted the comment, such as sending them a warning or suspending their account.

Please refer to the following article for details on reporting comments.
▼Help article

Automated comment moderation
To help us handle inappropriate comments more quickly, comment content will be assessed automatically, and the following measures will be taken:

■ If a comment is deemed inappropriate for users under 18
・The comment will be hidden 

*This only applies to users who have set their browsing settings to exclude R-18 and R-18G work. Users who have enabled browsing of R-18 work will be able to view these comments.

■ If a comment is flagged as potential spam
・The comment cannot be posted 

*This applies to the mobile and desktop versions of pixiv, as well as to the app.

Comments that contain content in violation of the Service Terms of Use and/or Guidelines will be deleted as soon as they are spotted.

pixiv will continue to strive to improve the pixiv app experience by keeping it safe and comfortable for everyone.
Thank you for supporting pixiv.
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