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March 29, 2023
The pixiv Encyclopedia Guidelines are now public
March 29, 2023
Greetings from pixiv.

As of March 29th, 2023, we published the new pixiv Encyclopedia Guidelines.

You can find them in the pixiv Encyclopedia Help pages under About pixiv Encyclopedia > Guidelines.

■ About the pixiv Encyclopedia Guidelines
pixiv Encyclopedia is a service operated under the pixiv Inc Service Master Terms of Use (hereinafter, Service Master Terms of Use). However, the Service Master Terms of Use cover all services provided by pixiv, so in some cases, they lacked examples of how they apply to pixiv Encyclopedia specifically.

The new pixiv Encyclopedia Guidelines give examples of conduct prohibited under the Service Master Terms of Use Article 14, as well as offering more practical rules and explanations to consider in order to avoid trouble while using the service.

The pixiv team has always deleted articles that violate the Service Master Terms of Use, as well as taken measures to promote smooth operation by preventing excessive editing (edit wars).

These Guidelines clarify pixiv's standards regarding such measures. The standards themselves have not changed.

In addition, we've added an article with a simple explanation of pixiv Encyclopedia , as well as an editing guide, with more detailed points of note and etiquette for editing articles . If you're confused about how to contribute to pixiv Encyclopedia, please consult these articles as a reference.

These guidelines and explanatory pages will continue to be updated in accordance with changing environments, etc.

■ About pixiv Encyclopedia
pixiv Encyclopedia is a collaborative encyclopedia where anyone can write and edit articles explaining terminology, works, themes, and cultural phenomena related to anime, manga, games, design, art, and more.

▼ Check the pixiv Encyclopedia Help pages here
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