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April 28, 2023
Announcement regarding changes to pixiv-Twitter linked posting, due to changes in Twitter's API specifications
April 28, 2023
Greetings from pixiv.

Due to the new Twitter API specifications that will be rolled out on April 29th, pixiv will be altering our features related to linked posting to Twitter.
Because of Twitter's updates, from April 28th, 2023, pixiv will update its Twitter-linked posting features, as detailed below.

* Users will still be able to log in to pixiv with a linked Twitter account.

① Retirement of the Twitter simultaneous posting feature

* Illustration and Manga posting pages

* Novel posting page

Due to these updates, the checkbox feature "Tweet a thread" and "Share this post on Twitter" will be retired.
If you would like to share your work on Twitter, please post your work to pixiv first, then click the "Share this post" button, and select "Twitter".

* Posted work page

* Work details page

② The "Tweet a thread" feature will no longer be available for certain works

The pixiv feature "Tweet a thread", which allows creators to post multi-page works as a thread on Twitter, will be modified to exclude certain works, due to the updates to Twitter's API specifications. The works excluded from this feature are listed below.

・Age-restricted works with ratings of R-18 or R-18G

* Please abide by Twitter's Terms of Use when posting images using this feature, even if the images are not rated R-18 or R-18G. As with direct Twitter posts, users are asked to use their own discretion about whether or not the content of their posts is appropriate.

③ The "Tweet a thread" feature will require secondary verification

When you use the "Tweet a thread" feature detailed above, even if you are using a linked Twitter account, you will still have to re-link your Twitter account before posting. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your cooperation in the re-verification process.

■ You can still log in with linked Twitter accounts
As previously explained, there are currently no changes to the system for logging in to pixiv through your Twitter account.
However, there is a possibility that Twitter may retire this feature in the future.
In this case, you will need to log in to pixiv using your registered e-mail address, or your pixiv ID and password.
Please check the Help page below if you're having problems logging in.

It is possible that the features we offer in partnership with Twitter may be changed in the future due to changes in Twitter's policies. We will inform all users if there are any changes.
pixiv will continue to develop and improve the features we offer, in order to ensure a fun, comfortable experience for all our users.

Thank you for your patronage with pixiv.
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