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Announcement regarding issues related to the misuse of generative AI and related countermeasures
May 9, 2023
Greetings from pixiv.

Recently, we have been receiving an increasing number of inquiries about issues related to the misuse of generative AI. We sincerely apologize for any trouble you may have experienced regarding this issue.

The three issues we have received the most inquiries about are as follows:
① Damage suffered by specific creators
② Software being used for unauthorized aggregation of a creator's work
③ Requests to improve the feature to hide AI-generated works

pixiv is taking the following measures to address these issues.
Furthermore, we are considering implementing additional measures on our affiliate service pixivFANBOX. We will release further details on this within a few days.

[May 10th update]
You can check the official FANBOX announcement here:

① Damage suffered by specific creators
Current generative AI is capable of studying images produced by specific creators and generating images that copy the creator's style. Creators targeted in such a way by this technology are made vulnerable to impersonation attempts and can suffer emotional and other damage through the fraudulent use of their creative identity.

Countermeasures for ①
■ Updates to the Service Master Terms of Use and Guidelines
The new Service Master Terms of Use / Guidelines will prohibit the repeated posting of copycat works that mimic the style of a specific creator, and introduce stricter measures on violations.
The Service Master Terms of Use apply to pixiv and all pixiv-related services.
As noted in our previous announcement, these updates are scheduled to be rolled out during the month of May.

・Upcoming updates to the Service Master Terms of Use and Guidelines

■ Addition of a new monitoring system
pixiv is currently preparing to roll out a new additional monitoring system. This system will enable easier detection of malicious use of generative AI technology and acts of threat or intimidation, child pornography, plagiarism, and other acts/content that cause problems for the pixiv community.

② Software being used for unauthorized aggregation of a creator's work
In order to train a generative AI to mimic a certain style, a "data set" of multiple illustrations is required. In some cases, crawler programs have been created to aggregate illustrations by specific creators from social media to use as data sets for training AI to be used for fraudulent purposes against the creator.

Countermeasures for ②
■ pixiv already prohibits the use of crawler programs to aggregate works for malicious purposes
The use of crawler programs to aggregate works for malicious purposes is prohibited under Article 14 of the Service Master Terms of Use and in the Guidelines. If violations are discovered, they will be dealt with accordingly.

■ We will increase our efforts to prevent malicious access
Please check below for details on the various countermeasures we are currently undertaking. We will continue to strengthen these measures in the future.

・About pixiv's technology for preventing the aggregation of works for malicious purposes

③ Requests to improve the feature to hide AI-generated works
pixiv defines "AI-generated work" as work that has been created entirely or in large part through AI generation. In some cases, the large volume of AI-generated works and insufficient visibility of the filtering feature means that AI-generated works are displayed even to users who do not wish to view them.

Countermeasures for ③
■ Preventing search results, etc. from being occupied entirely by works from a single user
If a single user posts a high volume of works within a short time frame, works from that user may eclipse works from other creators in search results. pixiv is planning to strengthen countermeasures against this kind of high-volume posting.

■ We're making the feature to filter out AI-generated works easier to use
We're changing the settings for flagging and/or filtering AI-generated works to be easier to access and use.
For information on the current location of these settings, check the Help article below.

pixiv Inc.'s company mission is to build an exciting space for everyone to enjoy creative activities.

We aim to provide an environment that prioritizes creators, and a safe space where everyone can comfortably enjoy creative activities.
New waves of emerging generative AI technology have given rise to novel forms of cyber-attacks and cyberbullying, as well as new ways to threaten the rights of others, cause harm, or make things more difficult for others to use services as they are meant to be used. pixiv will continue to take measures to strictly curtail actions that impede the community from enjoying creative activities on our platform, regardless of whether they involve generative AI or methods of malicious impersonation that existed before generative AI technology could be used in this manner.
At this time, the future of emerging AI technology is uncertain, and many factors are still unknown. We apologize for the trouble we may have caused by not taking swifter action on these issues. We are committed to continuing to provide a safe space for creative expression for all our users.

Thank you for your continued patronage with pixiv.
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