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(A) 本人QQ號是XXXXX54227, 不會在其他地方主動公佈我的QQ資料。有事請先通過P站私信溝通。如果我沒有回應, 原因可能是:

1. 新的私信需要重覆確認兩次才能發出, 而你忘記做第2次確認
2. P站的問題, 在一定機率下觸發「私信黑洞」這個BUG
3. 我太忙了, 請耐心等待1-2天
4. 你的私信讓我不知道如何回應 (求XXX什麼的, 最討厭了)
5. 你分享了文件, 被我發現並封禁了, 自求多福吧。

(B) 交易之前, 請確保已閱讀及明白以下內容:

1. 現有客戶外, 新客戶無法購買一個月內出品的角色。
2. 對新角色有興趣的新客戶, 請耐心等待禁售期結束。
3. 一部分現有角色不再對外開放。名單可能會更新。
4. MOD文件需經安裝程式進行解包處理。對此舉有疑問的朋友, 歡迎使用防毒軟件檢查。
5. 文件附有多處標記, 請不要外流, 否則本人絕對可以找出源頭。
6. 違反規則的人士會被列入黑名單, 所有的支付寶/PAYPAL戶口會被永久禁止交易。
7. 請保持警惕, 避免被有心人士以合購名義利用你的戶口作交易。你無法知道對方是否已被拉黑。
8. 文件一旦外流, 封禁的只是你的交易戶口。請想想是否值得為了一點利益而冒險。

(A) Please contact me via PIXIV's private message. Or you can contact me via QQ XXXXX54227. If I haven't replied yet, it can be:

1. You haven't double confirm the private message before sending it out.
2. Sometimes the private message just disappeared strangely. Send the message again after a while.
3. Might be I am busy and you have to wait for 1-2 days.
4. If you are sending message like "Plz gimme da mod", then I am not gonna reply you
5. I discover your mod sharing behaviour and you're blacklisted. God bless you.

(B) Please make sure you have read and understood the following, should you intended to buy the MOD:

1. Unless you are a old customer, new characters are not for sale within one month released.
2. If you are interested in new characters, please be patient for the public release.
3. Some of the existing characters are not released publicly. The list may be updated.
4. MOD file uses batch file to install. If you are not confident on that, feel free to check it with any anti-virus program.
5. File are marked with labels in different places. Please don't share the file, or I will easily trace out who's doing that.
6. For those who have violated the rules about, he and his 支付寶/PAYPAL account will be blacklisted from transaction permanently.
7. Please be alerted. Somebody may invite you to make a "group" purchase with your accounts. You'll never know if he is the blacklisted user or not.
8. Should the file be leaked, what I can do is to ban your account. Please think twice before you risk for that.
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