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"【PFⅤ】"The bard" 【ザイランス】", is tagged with 「ピクファン獣耳」「PFⅤ」 and others.

✚企画主さま (illust/16194969)


【PFⅤ】"The bard" 【ザイランス】


3/2/2011 00:24
✚企画主さま (illust/16194969)
fn9/6/2014 01:03It took me a min to see that the thing they were on didn't have a head. Then i looked at it more and saw what it was. fn9/6/2014 01:01Nice drawing and use of banana in this picture. It took me a min to see they weren't animals the group was riding. 不作死就不会死8/6/2014 18:54怎么感觉有点像黑猫啊? magentalong5/21/2014 00:41LOL <3 koy0m15/6/2014 09:19banana 天堂 晴華4/22/2014 07:56哈哈哈哈哈哈哈 8/4/2013 03:24背景与香蕉的_(:3」∠)_噗哈哈哈XDD感受到了大大的恶意 红色护法5/21/2013 04:46雷死人了,哈哈哈哈哈哈哈 Montx十月4/30/2013 15:22原来是你画的啊,背景是不是说明,男主角没挂啊。。。 魯魯修傑羅5/26/2011 15:40那巨大的带感的淫笑的人形物是啥米? 魯魯修傑羅5/26/2011 15:38这是黑猫吗?还有那香蕉怎么变成坐骑了? Fom4/13/2011 20:18香蕉兄 长脚毛没有,怎么看怎么喜感。。。-_- 3/8/2011 21:26骑香蕉 这点子你都能想出来 实在佩服 还有后面那座山是怎么回事………… ChaosDQ3/6/2011 19:52压力很大。哈哈哈。意境不错。不过这香蕉到底是怎么回事儿啊!!!! geneon3/3/2011 10:36背景で台無しだwwwww 南天翎3/2/2011 21:33香蕉坐骑..... HEI3/2/2011 16:19完美的展现了黄军的气势! shishio*3/2/2011 13:46努力不去看后面那个…… ziguimail3/2/2011 12:30背景的坐骑亮了。 G TONG3/2/2011 11:01这微妙的平衡感....
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