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この作品 「Achtnak Fast Attack Carrier」 は 「Fast」「Attack」 等のタグがつけられた作品です。

Achtnak number 68 fast attack carrier.Cr...

Mirruss Grehard

Achtnak Fast Attack Carrier

Mirruss Grehard

2011年8月30日 05:29
Achtnak number 68 fast attack carrier.Crew: 300Height: 288 metersWidth: 148 metersLength: 560 metersEngine: 4 Virulence ion engineMaximum Speed: 400...続きを見る
Achtnak number 68 fast attack carrier.

Crew: 300
Height: 288 meters
Width: 148 meters
Length: 560 meters
Engine: 4 Virulence ion engine
Maximum Speed: 400 knots
Hyperdrive system: Equipped
Shields: Tarkin shield generator
Armament: 16 light turbolaser canon, 2 proton torpedo launcher
Total craft carried: 80 (Varies to the mission)

A request art for my friend in FA

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