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"Connection", is tagged with 「オオカミ」「supertouching!」 and others.

These brief moments we share.




5/7/2013 14:19
These brief moments we share.
VAN♂1/11/2019 06:06苟? Mr.喵10/3/2018 14:20这光影的把握好666 Ribbons9/27/2018 04:05"The white Wolf with snow fur, that I always dreamed about. Finally, I met you, but, at the wrong time zone... I lost your sign, in the end" いっちゃん8/18/2018 18:19I saw your illustration. At the pen up site. 2366859978/14/2018 20:11最忠诚的朋友。 肉粒酱w8/9/2018 00:36真美啊 冷寒霜ゞ8/1/2018 20:13你现在头像也很6😂😂 金色蝶翼7/16/2018 12:36一瞬间想到了晓翼和洛基,怀念也想念 八点6/18/2018 22:30emmm五年前做过头像 居然被我刷到了 丶斗北6/17/2018 23:00炒鸡炒鸡炒鸡爱这个画! flashzxi4/27/2018 15:28fantastic! .11/12/2017 11:53让我想起了w大 初音未来9/23/2017 11:43很美 Thepinion9/15/2017 14:26很精致 再见。9/6/2017 15:27好美,无法用语言形容~ 卷子8/16/2017 09:33好漂亮(shame2) Ikaros~智樹8/13/2017 21:06是诶。。 blockiroy7/31/2017 13:04好棒! chouchou7/26/2017 00:09少女与狼确实容易想到幽灵公主 七七ღ7/11/2017 17:11很唯美的感觉呢,像是被治愈了一样
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