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"#OEKAKI SUPPLEーI(胸と三角筋)", is tagged with 「お絵描きサプリ」「OEKAKISUPPLE」 and others.





11/19/2014 12:16
■4月追記■【Andoroid】お絵描きサプリ100https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.gr.java_conf.natnag.es100【Andoroid】お絵描きサプリ30https://play.google.com/store...Keep reading

drawing-tips (About pectoralis major and deltoid)
Triangle excessive from between the clavicle= nipples position~
みじんコ王国2/6/2018 00:58thank you! It helps me a lot!^^ 谢谢! 動漫萌主2/6/2018 00:49站立时,耳垂的下方对准乳头,别忘了这个 みじんコ王国5/23/2017 23:03多谢您看 !(love3) (love3) (love3) 魔煞灬玄梦5/21/2017 15:10哇٩(๑òωó๑)۶关注了!!谢谢大佬!加油 魔煞灬玄梦5/21/2017 15:10哇٩(๑òωó๑)۶关注了!!谢谢大佬!加油 みじんコ王国3/3/2017 02:55No. Thank YOU! (love3) 紫墨汐竹3/2/2017 14:08wow that's cooooool,thank you みじんコ王国12/3/2016 19:24那就好(^^)/ 开心鬼12/3/2016 17:04不错,受益匪浅,关注你啦 みじんコ王国7/2/2016 21:52我也这么认为 (smile3) 5983952827/2/2016 20:31如果女性是這個比例的話那無疑是最美胸型了。 みじんコ王国2/7/2015 07:35my [drawing-supplicant] is accustomed to reference in your drawing, I am very happy~☆(⌒∇⌒)ノ みじんコ王国2/7/2015 07:35Thank U for looking the [drawing-supplicant]. Thank U also comment that you gave me written in Japanese, firmly me we are transmitted (*゚ー゚) denyingbelial2/7/2015 04:44日本語を分かりません.僕を助けてくれてありがとう! I don't know japanese very well but I wanted to thank you for this great reference! Thanks from Canada! みじんコ王国11/21/2014 23:58评论非常感谢你。(コメントどうもありがとうございます^^) Friance11/21/2014 22:59受教了! みじんコ王国11/20/2014 12:30わぁ!乙也さん嬉しいコメントありがとうございます~!( TДT)私こそ、チョコチョコまとめながら勉強しています~! よなか11/20/2014 11:24いつも勉強させて頂いてます!まとめた資料が欲しいくらいです!
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