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"Brooklyn CL-40", is tagged with 「艦隊これくしょん」「ブルックリン」 and others.


Brooklyn CL-40


12/31/2014 12:57
deltago5/20/2015 19:33of Mosquito Destruction,' which kills them w/ a LASER [Go Big or Go Home(filled w/ mosquitos)?] deltago5/20/2015 19:31+I just found out that a mosquito avoids going near Cinnamon肉桂 powder. +..& looks like my nation is working on some project calls 'Weapon deltago5/20/2015 19:12during her numerous convoy duties] or something to do w/ Brooklyn boroughs? deltago5/20/2015 19:11Captain! No wonder why I felt some familiar from them! >Hmm..perhaps due to she is very outgoing person [as she traveled back and forth deltago5/20/2015 19:09during evening. >[after I read]Ah..ya, I indeed overdid it ( ̄▽ ̄;) Thanks for inform me! >Ah~! So they're from Bucky! deltago5/20/2015 19:04your sleep to not just for clean, but also to lower your body temperature to prevent becoming a heat source that perfect target for them deltago5/20/2015 19:02+Wear a long-sleeved shirt & long pants to cover your exposed skin. +Sleep in screened or air-conditioned rooms. +Take a shower before deltago5/20/2015 19:02>No matter where we are come from; a mosquito is our common enemy... Death to Mosquito! o(#゜Д゜)ノ I don't know these could help you but; ヨークタウンCV-55/20/2015 18:08Yeah,she's kind of Tomboy-ish...I just don't know why,she just popped out into my mind. ヨークタウンCV-55/20/2015 18:07actually comes from Captain,at least partly. ヨークタウンCV-55/20/2015 18:07I drew a hat for her because I saw a nice pic of Bucky Barnes wearing that--you know what I mean.the clothes,well,as you can see, ヨークタウンCV-55/20/2015 18:05Anyway.Thank you for Brooklyn's information,and,I'd say there's too much Chinese(;-w-),hahaha... ヨークタウンCV-55/20/2015 18:05Last night I was ACTUALLY bothered by a mosquito...I felt so itchy that I couldn't sleep!! deltago5/20/2015 17:36I wish your preparation for final exams is going smoothly, as well as having a nice weather[unlike here where high humid w/ some mosquitos deltago5/20/2015 17:31who loves to play sports like baseball. [I somehow imagined that she puts her long hair into her hat when she plays sports] deltago5/20/2015 17:28think this turret to facing backward when she was not using it?] Unlike other ship Girls I viewed, she appears to be tomboyish男孩子气girl deltago5/20/2015 17:25[About the pic] Nice coloring & hairstyle, also you drew her equipments cool! [About the main turret placing on her left arm, what do you deltago5/20/2015 17:22Chile's founding fathers. >After her another 40yrs service, she was sold for scrap to India. But she was foundered沉没 while under tow. deltago5/20/2015 17:21she was transferred to Chilean Navy under the Mutual Defense Assistance Program共同防御援助计划. There, she was renamed as O'Higgins after 1 of deltago5/20/2015 17:20she participated in 3 critical amphibious ops[North Africa/Sicily/Anzio安濟奧] that USA & UK forces mounted in WW2. >After the war,
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