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"RWBY", is tagged with 「ルビー・ローズ」「追悼」 and others.





2/3/2015 22:43
Ning.Shadow12/21/2017 19:17看了好多大佬的画下面的评论....他们超级纠结月亮为啥画成圆的。。。也是嘛毕竟新月玫瑰画成满月强力厨感受超级大。。 SERUKON8/4/2017 15:11Don't you think there's sth wrong with the moon? 蔻尔缇拉8/6/2016 21:30没了他,第三季真的好差劲 Misao4/20/2016 01:26R.I.P 虫树4/16/2016 18:25帅气(happy3) Fn丶modern2/18/2016 20:45Oh my God!Good job!I can’t believe my eyes! deity8/10/2015 19:09(cry) 秋羊|AkiGoat5/2/2015 23:29(love3) 如月真一4/22/2015 00:12ご冥福を御祈りします 5524354472/22/2015 08:53can we see Yang's please? 遗忘之川2/20/2015 01:01good job!! ぽぽすけ@ともだち募集2/11/2015 17:14残念です。 ~八雲屋~2/10/2015 21:08ご冥福を御祈りします (teardrop) GK 1072/8/2015 22:44一路走好,MO Answer2/7/2015 15:32R.I.P (teardrop) (cry) 汐月2/6/2015 16:52ご冥福を祈ります...... さか2/6/2015 10:15RIP ironmasker2/6/2015 08:07RIP BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB2/6/2015 07:20R.I.P mas2/6/2015 02:50R.I.P MontyOum...
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