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"Just Say Good-bye", is tagged with 「pokemon」「Zinnia」 and others.

[Finally, at the Sky Pillar]Zinnia: ...


Just Say Good-bye


5/2/2015 00:25
[Finally, at the Sky Pillar]Zinnia: Let’s go, Ruby.Ruby: Fine.Sapphire: That woman is our enemy! Don’t go with her!Z: Well? Ruby, you di...Keep reading
[Finally, at the Sky Pillar]
Zinnia: Let’s go, Ruby.
Ruby: Fine.
Sapphire: That woman is our enemy! Don’t go with her!
Z: Well? Ruby, you didn’t tell her anything about this disaster, right?
Z: Uh huh. Until now, pour girl fought for us without knowing anything.
S: Hmmm?
Z: By the way, I know how to summon Rayquaza sama and I know how to prevent this disaster. What about you? What can you do?
S: Of course I can…
S: …
Z: You and your pokemon can’t fight anymore.
R: Shut up, Zinnia!
S: Hey… That means…
S: That means, Ruby, you have already trusted her and opposed the Devon machine, have you? Why…
S: Why did you conceal it from me…
R: I am fighting for Hoenn region just as what you have asked me to do before…
S: Idiot!!!
S: Haven’t you gotten it!? Is those changes that I have tried in vain!?
S: I won’t forgive you anymore!! I won’t chase you like a fool anymore!!
S: I won’t love you for evermore!!
R: Zinnia, let’s go.
Z: OK.(Is that girl OK?)
【Hope the translation is accurate.I don't know Japanese but I hope everyone here can read my comic easily:)】Close
柿👻5/18/2015 22:45QvQ 丽丹★5/18/2015 19:02QAQ 柿👻5/2/2015 16:00特别篇吧过来的,来投稿试试看 (excited3) 柿👻5/2/2015 15:52(happy3) elshollzia5/2/2015 15:23很开心地发现zinnia国人同好 elshollzia5/2/2015 10:33amazing! 柿👻5/2/2015 00:38forget the last sentence…orz Ruby: Sorry… Sapphire, I’m so sorry…Sorry…
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