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この作品 「Brigand Trainer/Patrol Plane」 は 「輸送」「航空機」 等のタグがつけられた作品です。

This is the TB-56 Brigand, the origi...

Trader Joe

Brigand Trainer/Patrol Plane

Trader Joe

2015年8月10日 10:57
This is the TB-56 Brigand, the original plane from which the Pirate and Corsair are based off of. The Brigand is an interesting plane by itself&...続きを見る
This is the TB-56 Brigand, the original plane from which the Pirate and Corsair are based off of. The Brigand is an interesting plane by itself, intended as a trainer but finding its niche as a agile, reliable patrol bomber made possible by the plane's exceptional stability and forgiving flight characteristics.

The Brigand is actually two variants of the plane, those two variants being "Trainer" and "Patrol Bomber." The Trainer version includes a second pilot's seat in place of tail gun position, and does not have the bomb racks found on the Patrol Bomber version. The TRainer still keeps the Brigand's signature twin synchronized 20mm guns, often for used in gunnery and dogfight training.

The Brigand's origins were actually rather humble, originally designed as a crop duster that found itself pressed into service as a stopgap patrol bomber during the First Damontian War to protect Extremidad's mainland from raids by Damontian ships, which would frequently sneak up on unsuspecting Extremi port towns and shell them before slipping away. After working out the teething problems originating from literally going crop field to the battlefield, the Brigand proved to be a reliable, if slow, aircraft with the range and durability that made it perfect for patrol roles. As a result, the Brigand has become a workhorse of Extremidad's home guard, patrolling the skies and keeping a keen eye out for enemy incursions.

In the current times of Blakfire, the Brigand has found an additional role as a liason and clandestine operations aircraft, its sturdy fixed landing gear being perfect for landing on rough ground and hastily built runways. These Brigands, known unofficially as the "Highwaymen,"are often painted in a flat black paint, and will have one or both 20mm guns, along with the tail gun, removed to save on weight and shorten takeoff roles. Some pilots even go so far as to remove the radios, passenger seat, and gunner seat, and will even fly wearing nothing more than a shirt, pants, and shoes, foregoing even essentials such as a sidearm and parachute, if it means shaving even a foot off of the plane's takeoff roll.


Wingspan: 38 ft
Length: 25 ft
Height: 9 ft

Powerplant: 1 x Ransel Phantom Radial Engine
Top Speed: 200 Mph
Range: 1000 mi
Ceiling: 12,500 ft

Armament: 2 x 20mm Cannons with 200 rounds per gun, 2 x .50 cal machine guns on dorsal flexible mount, 400 rounds per gun (Patrol Bomber version only) up to 1,500 lbs ordinance on wing bomb racks (Patrol Bomber version only)

Trainer version: 2 (pilot, instructor)
Patrol Bomber version: 3 (pilot, gunner, passenger)閉じる