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Beware of this traffic policeman in Hotw...


Request 16


2015年10月5日 14:05
Beware of this traffic policeman in Hotwater - he is willing to accept favors in lieu of writing tickets but ... you might not like the option!
malexs2018年6月9日 05:39Bear, you are a good teacher. You teach big girls and little girls Chimamire0092018年5月27日 12:40what do you all do? brig2018年1月21日 09:00very interesting Bear2017年4月10日 00:15I teach some first grade girls in school as friends of my daughter that are in the kindergarten. stephgg2017年2月1日 02:21I thought it was the first lesson of the day: in multiculturalism. She looks as though she is learning well. Ubermonkey2015年11月3日 07:32what a nice way to keep things unofficial. :) silentsteps2015年10月7日 11:41Oh well, another good lesson for girls her age, even if its not in class. Mr Scrambled2015年10月6日 02:40Suddenly I feel like moving to Hotwater and apply to become a policeman Dorcas20992015年10月5日 23:46Ohh I would love the option... in fact I may be speeding up in that are really often with my little one :P