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"[中英]The IOWA Primary, Explained", is tagged with 「アメリ艦娘」「アイオワ」 and others.



[中英]The IOWA Primary, Explained


1/28/2016 15:30
[中文注意]又到了那个时候啦。是啊,就是那个时候。我告诉你啊,我老家衣阿华州,是个无人搭理的地方。基本上安安稳稳,啥事都没有。没事也好啊,啥人都不惹。但你知道嘛,我们这里大概每四年会热闹一次。对啦,对啦。就是我们美国大选。你看现在已经开始了。现在你打开电视想不看到IOWA四个字母都难...全文见...Keep reading



It’s that time of the year again.

Yup. That time of the year.

Lemme tell you something. Where I come from, Iowa? Pretty much nobody cares about us most of the time. Nothing much happens around here, that’s for sure. I suppose I might could’ve dig up some news around here someplace, but this is Iowa. Why’d we want to go looking for a commotion? It just isn’t sensible...
English is here~~~~http://www.hon-haka.org/archives/800

https://vimeo.com/144912446 川普梗出处 VIDIO for Trump~~Close
司马闹腾2/1/2016 17:16(or google Martin O’Malley + shirtless!) 司马闹腾2/1/2016 17:16Chris Christie & John Kasich trying to crawl back onto the table, and Martin O’Malley who’s shirtless! Ask Morgane 司马闹腾2/1/2016 17:04( ^ω^ ) Cercospora1/31/2016 10:53I recognize Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump. Who's the other guys? minnie.salinas1/31/2016 09:17Well color me charmed. (happy) 司马闹腾1/30/2016 02:32(≧∇≦) w1/30/2016 02:12进击的床破。。。。。。 (serious4) 司马闹腾1/28/2016 21:14好吧~~( ^ω^ ) 阿七1/28/2016 21:06所以我才会希望是假的啊! 司马闹腾1/28/2016 21:01∑(゚Д゚)唉?!~~~不过不知道唉,如果这次活动送美国大战舰的话难度上一定十分可怕...(想起当年还是新米之时拉着小丛云观摩众提督惨烈的肝裂冲锋) 阿七1/28/2016 20:53如果那是真的,希望是这个女神成为游戏中陪伴我这个神奇宝贝训练师(不)的伙伴…… 司马闹腾1/28/2016 20:49(●°u°●)​ 」嘿嘿 阿七1/28/2016 20:38衣阿华姐姐女神来的
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