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"Fate can (NOT) be changed", is tagged with 「Life_is_Strange」「カメラ女子」 and others.


Fate can (NOT) be changed


4/18/2016 00:08
02030304/14/2019 18:43best bingo8/4/2018 00:41max and chloe!(happy3) 在逃奸尸犯12/13/2017 17:22Maxine(love2) 8/8/2017 15:45図を教えてください... Dr灰烬8/6/2017 10:00MAX!!(interesting2) xkon6/2/2017 02:51奇异人生麦克斯! skullsen4/27/2017 23:45Fuck the world(づ ●─● )づ@C君 远哭丶1/26/2017 16:38麦克斯! 醉酒的捕鲸人1/17/2017 14:27It's just awesome, I love it 基会男得12/10/2016 14:49奇异人生! JA7/23/2016 20:58"Max?" "Chloe!!" 七夜7/20/2016 03:52最愛的畫師畫了最愛的遊戲中最愛的女主角~人生簡直不要太圓滿啊~~~~ (serious) 七夜7/20/2016 03:49OMG~~~~Is this Max from Life Is Strange?I love it! (love2) 4/17/17/2016 19:01奇异人生(love2) Breaze6/13/2016 14:50奇异人生!非常喜欢这款游戏 画的太棒了! Reith5/12/2016 17:42超爱MAX的 浣熊Jeffy4/29/2016 23:58I've unlocked all of the single achievements. It's really a good game.(。・ω・。) tu.4/23/2016 02:04I love the game named "life is strange"!And you did a great job<3 konglingzi19974/21/2016 17:49天才 Ari-chan4/21/2016 01:23Darn, I just finished crying over the ending of this game. Now you're making me cry all over again with how beautiful this is!
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