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"We would arrive in Kararagi, a...


Our Happy End


2016年8月4日 18:24



ちょっと入力するだけ! 簡単!

"We would arrive in Kararagi, and rent a place to stay.As long as we had a home and work, we would get by somehow...Fortunately, th...続きを見る
"We would arrive in Kararagi, and rent a place to stay.
As long as we had a home and work, we would get by somehow...

Fortunately, thanks to Roswaal-sama, i have received an education, so i think i could
easily find work, even in Kararagi.

You might have to either look for manual labor or take care of things around me.
Once we had a stable income, we could look for a better place to live.
In the meantime, you could study or perhaps a year, so that you can find a decent job, until you can actually work.

We would work together...

And once we had enough money, perhaps we could buy a house.
Maybe we could even open a shop. After all, Kararagi is a thriving commercial area.
I'm sure we could earn a living on one of your fanciful ideas.

And once our jobs were on track...
Um, it's embarrassing to say, but we could have a child.
It would be half-demon and half-human, so I'm certain it would be feisty.

Whether we have a boy or a girl, twins or even triplets, I know they would be adorable.

I'm sure it wouldn't be all fun times.
And not everything would work out as I imagined it.

We might have only daughters and no sons, so you might not feel very proud of your family.
But...Even when the children grow and reach the age where they start to treat you coldly, I shall still be on your side!

We will be famous in the neighborhood as a couple of old lovebirds, as we take our time spending life together and growing old...

I would feel bad for doing it to you, but I would prefer to die before you, if possible.

I want to die quietly, lying on our bed, with your hand in mine, surrounded by our children and their children.

To say, "I was so happy," as you all look on..."閉じる
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