ちょっと入力するだけ! 簡単!




この作品 「Sayapaizuri 1」 は 「美樹さやか」「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ」 等のタグがつけられた作品です。

What a nice place to be, nestled sof...


Sayapaizuri 1


2017年10月25日 23:23
What a nice place to be, nestled softly between Sayaka's tits~
This is only the moment after. Maybe I'll draw more.
DaYoon2018年11月10日 02:31I agree with you, totally! There will be no one who can endure and win, stuck in Sayaka chan's breasts! Thank you for your great pic!! Gloamy2018年11月10日 01:59She should, she did a great job! I bet there's nowhere softer and nicer than between her breasts~ DaYoon2018年11月10日 01:39It's like She feels proud of the the result. With a mischievous look, she seems to be bragging about her victory!! so cute! Xarxes2018年9月7日 07:58Great! Gloamy2018年7月12日 23:31(heart) mikeap2018年7月12日 14:38I'd certainly feel safe leaving my most precious place wrapped in the soft, squishy embrace of Sayaka's pale, beautiful mounds. D2017年11月21日 01:37Yesss please draw more Sayaka paizuri... :3 Gloamy2017年10月31日 15:01The soft press of Sayaka's breasts against my body is too good! Her smile warms my heart! It's a powerful combination of her charms. 海草新十郎2017年10月29日 20:12It is not possible to stand up if attacked with a very soft-likely breast and such a pretty smile! Gloamy2017年10月28日 09:59You're welcome! Your words mean a lot to me. I love posting art here and having people to share all this Sayaka love with! (happy3) Rememberer2017年10月27日 01:38Thank you for all the wonderful art. This is so sexy! I'm glad there's an artist like you that loves Sayaka this much. (heart) Gloamy2017年10月26日 03:24Wow, thank you! I love that about Sayaka too. I love everything about her, really. (heart) tomoemurakami2017年10月26日 00:05You are the best! I love your Sayaka pictures. She is so cute, even when being erotic.