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"The Zerg's Wisdom", is tagged with 「クロスオーバー」「StarCraft」 and others.

"Want to fight with me? Then try to...

浅穗 若心

The Zerg's Wisdom

浅穗 若心

11/2/2017 23:12
"Want to fight with me? Then try to beat me by playing Zergorio!" said Overseer, the leader of Zerg's Shelter.The impact from spir...Keep reading
"Want to fight with me? Then try to beat me by playing Zergorio!" said Overseer, the leader of Zerg's Shelter.
The impact from spiritlization made these creatures even evolve more than where they can be, amazed not only terrans but also protosses.
What's more, their intelligence level may be average as other races, or may be higher.
As Zerg's Shelter only accepted Spear of Adun to send at most two negotiators, Zuikaku and Inmie taken the mission from Artanis and try to convince these smart girls to join their allies.
However, the thing may not be proceed smoothly as they expected.
It's not only the problem about the board game in front of them, the cost for the game was almost reach the limit for their supply.
"Zuikaku Senpai... These're the last minerals that I've stored so far..."
"Don't worry, Inmie-chan, I'll take back every money we've lost on this round. Yes! I can feel the goddess of luck is on my side right now!"
On the other side, their opponent, Overseer, seemed not to be frightened by her strong confidence; since she had no idea how could she still be so optimistic.
"Please let me have my word one more time, we Zerg's Shelter will only join you by defeating me."
"No problem at all! Show~~hand!"
At the same moment, the girl who stand next to Overseer, felt totally wrong from the beginning of the game.
"Dear Overseer, did you ever read the complete guide for Zergorio? It seems that you and Miss Zuikaku have misunderstood about the game for a period of time..."
"Com'n, Abathur, who still require those stuff in this era? Rules, has already, kept inside my smart head!"
Abathur could clearly tell that both side had the game totally wrong, but still played it so entertained?
Both side revealed their hands one by one, and Overseer came with her words like having winning cards already:
"I shall show you, the greatest wisdom from our Zerg!"
Hi, dear reader, if you're interested in Zergorio, you can refer to the pages started from 2, and the guide is also included in the following pages.
You can download the printouts and make tokens by your own!
Any suggestion for the game, storyline or illustration can have your comment on the below.
Please support the project "StarCraft II vs. Kantai Collection: Into New World" by sharing links or bookmarking, thank you very much!Close
浅穗 若心3/8/2018 14:55这些插图是用作自己的长篇小说使用,看到仅是部分而已 SanM12/4/2017 01:27好长。。
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