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"お茶", is tagged with 「オリジナル」「セーター」 and others.


IK @_itakana


IK @_itakana

1/28/2018 22:13
bachgaming7/6/2019 11:13I love the way it look simple but so warm and comfy KLDSHA12/31/2018 18:56Simple and besutiful bookdragon9/11/2018 19:08this is so pretty <3 14200076488/4/2018 23:34( ̄▽ ̄)" Dravem6/18/2018 17:05Something in this art,, in big part the happy smile and face, and the choice of tones I guess, make it so warm, confy and lovable. 久悠3/27/2018 20:49要是在有个男的组成情头就完美了 フッアキュ2/28/2018 22:05とても可愛いと思う フッアキュ2/28/2018 22:03そんな男がありませんか? 莲2/21/2018 20:43头发好柔顺~ 优雅的绅士2/19/2018 12:14情不自禁的想跟她一起笑 Sa1Lmc2/10/2018 11:50cute becky2/4/2018 17:31很幸福的笑啊 猫奴桔子2/4/2018 13:25再画个男的就好了 开飞机的鹅2/3/2018 23:58暖 Rocilinda2/3/2018 03:05(heart) Haseo2/1/2018 05:56always potan 😢 千寻之夏1/31/2018 21:26好像情头啊(•ૢ⚈͒⌄⚈͒•ૢ)虽然只有一张 IK @_itakana1/31/2018 12:36我想实验新的画法! 尛秦1/31/2018 12:21这一张感觉很舒服啊,但是和之前的色调有着明显变化啊,是发生了什么吗? ゼッダル1/31/2018 04:31やっぱ寒い季節にはあったかーいお茶が最高ですよね。それにこの表情を見ると何だか幸せになります…w
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