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"10周年記念イラスト", is tagged with 「水中」「水着」 and others.





3/3/2018 00:12

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いつも応援ありがとうございます、FoxEyeは本日で10歳になりました!今回は10周年を記念して、前5周年記念から本日10周年までの間に新しく生まれたゲームやイベントのメインヒロイン集結イラストを記念に描かせていただきました!ブログでは記念記事を公開しております。( http://foxdev....Keep reading
ブログでは記念記事を公開しております。( http://foxdev.blog17.fc2.com/blog-entry-156.html
これからもをどうぞ宜しくお願いいたします。<(_ _)>Close
きしめん4/12/2018 02:52Holdoverがなつかしいです Chef Cheiro3/6/2018 23:42X3 yay i hope so X3 Fox3/6/2018 23:37Many thanks! Let's continue being good relationship! Fox3/6/2018 23:36Thank you for your continuous support! I still keep making underwater work! Chef Cheiro3/6/2018 01:08congratulations Zalure243/6/2018 00:20Happy 10th anniversary!! Loved your works since Holdover! I will support you forever! Fox3/5/2018 20:58Thank you. I should complete a main project rather than the special project ^_^; RonB3/5/2018 15:24Hey Happy 10th anniversary!! Any special projects planned? :) Fox3/4/2018 14:35I truly thank you for your support! Fox3/4/2018 14:33(love2) Fox3/4/2018 14:32DLsite-ver of this work doesn't need to be installed! You can start up using userID immediately. If you have trouble, please contact store! lukasso3/4/2018 00:52Happy anniversary Dra3/3/2018 13:35Ahh right, I bought that game but didn't find time to setup the dlsite authentication. Hope you bring an English version one day too! <3 Fox3/3/2018 08:57(happy3) Fox3/3/2018 08:56Thank you for congratulating me! Dolphins appeared in the Karin's skin diving diary. Fox3/3/2018 08:54ありがとうございます!これからも宜しくお願いいたします! Dra3/3/2018 04:23Ooh awesome and congratulations =D What game would the dolphins be from btw.? o: うみぶた3/3/2018 02:41おめでとうございます
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