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"奇遇ですね", is tagged with 「堂々たる賄賂」「なんでだろうね」 and others.




3/30/2018 00:35
youga7/9/2019 23:15フルカラーで洋ゲーの画集みたいにならないかなあ... youga7/9/2019 23:13いつまでも続き待ってます...もし書籍化したら速攻で予約させていただきます... Shirata Ma6/17/2019 09:46尊い……そして一年前で更新とまってるのかぁ。お仕事で忙しいのかな。いつかフルカラーで本になるといいなぁ。大判で。 緋山竜一6/1/2019 02:34Io:Why didn't I get angry? Hero Cyborg:I wonder why… 緋山竜一6/1/2019 02:33Piece 14 Io:really big help!Fancy meeting you here!Wow, strange things DO happen! Hero Cyborg:It's really a treat… 緋山竜一6/1/2019 02:33Piece 13 Hero Cyborg:Hey, it's a nice artificial leg. However, it's better to replace a new one soon. Soldier Cyborg: It's a good idea.I wil 緋山竜一6/1/2019 02:32Piece 12 Soldier Cyborg:stop.What's that scared girl?You are suspected of kidnapping.Both show your ID card. 緋山竜一6/1/2019 02:32Piece 11 Hero Cyborg:I was just thinking about going to your shop.I need to have a clerk.Here we go. Io:Go? 緋山竜一6/1/2019 02:32Piece 7 Hero Cyborg:What a coincidence! Piece 10 Io:Really, It's so! Hero Cyborg:Yeah, really I'm in luck.But Please not to sit down here. 緋山竜一6/1/2019 02:32piece 4 Io:Maybe there is a secret path somewhere…. piece 6 Io:Could not find a way out…. Where is here…? Hero Cyborg:Hey. 緋山竜一6/1/2019 02:31piece 3 Io:He is a soldier….Probably, I'll be arrested.Let's go back alley. comment:She has neither family register nor move permission. 緋山竜一6/1/2019 02:31Guest Cyborg:Please be careful to go back your shop. Recently, crackdown is severe… 緋山竜一6/1/2019 02:31piece 1 Guest Cyborg:Sorry to deliver the buggage, Io-chan. Io:No problem! Here is near.I hope your backache gets better. 緋山竜一6/1/2019 02:31Below is my translation of speech bubble.(google translation + my sence) taku5/4/2019 01:33もう1年前か・・・ なんかもっと人の目にとまって日の目をみてもいい物だと思うけどな〜 ズコーさん3/17/2019 23:59続きが・・・続きが読みたい・・・贅沢を言えば紙面で・・・ ジャンファ3/7/2019 03:27イオちゃんちょっと大きくなったんちゃう? SapfiraChib12/29/2018 21:57Would you like to make subtitles at least in English? We'd love to read it. (Your loyal fans from Russia) SapfiraChib12/29/2018 21:57Hi! We loved your comics (manga?), but unfortunately we don't know Japanese at all, it's very difficult to translate. マテリアル9/22/2018 08:28今日の俺は紳士的だったのですね。 本当に運のいい…
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