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この作品 「The Truth」 は 「駆逐古鬼」「深海棲艦」 等のタグがつけられた作品です。

"Answer me, you pathetic Abyssa...

浅穗 若心

The Truth

浅穗 若心

2018年5月14日 18:35
"Answer me, you pathetic Abyssal. Where did you hide the 'void weapon'?""(Stuttering) No... I... won't...""...続きを見る
"Answer me, you pathetic Abyssal. Where did you hide the 'void weapon'?"
"(Stuttering) No... I... won't..."
"What? You won't tell me? Or perhaps, you are willing to ask me grant you a death? Don't worry, if that's the case, I will make it quick... and you could have my word."
"(What's this strange feeling?... My body just get quivering while she's grabbing me...) "閉じる
浅穗 若心2018年8月25日 12:27Perhaps, and these girls might have some responsibility of having them become what they look likes right now. Antagonist2018年8月20日 05:50Is Alarak teaching Ancient Destroyer Oni what fear is?