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"WingR2000 May 2018 content", is tagged with 「宣伝」「Hiccears」 and others.

[WingR2000 May 2018 content | 18年5月号]htt...

Wing R

WingR2000 May 2018 content

Wing R

6/10/2018 19:00
[WingR2000 May 2018 content | 18年5月号]https://www.hiccears.com/gallery.php?gid=4683[Patreon Reward without Ryona]https://www.patreon.com/posts/wingr2...Keep reading
[WingR2000 May 2018 content | 18年5月号]

[Patreon Reward without Ryona]

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☠ Hunting Elf (Rena Elsword) ★
☠ OC Mio
☠ Ultra Reina ★
☠ [WIP] Tina Armstrong Deadly Gas
White Wedding – Hinata Hyuga (☠ WIP ryona manga storyboard)
☺ Green Bow Lyn

(XNALARA 用慨念构图)
☠ Hunting Swordmaster - Lyn
Tifa Lockhart VIP Escort*

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In middle of May. My main pc down for almost 2 weeks. I attached a picture for showing why I can't draw properly during that time.

The resolution isn't right in sub pc too. Everything doesn't work at that workspace.

Ultra Reina would be the hi-light post of May 2018.
That presentation is more exciting. Tear the heroine into 2 pieces. :P

The WIP manga -- Hinata Hyuga Shiromuku
Supporter is quit.

You may know I have some ryona manga is still on hold.
- Sasara & Golbin (illust_id=65851771)
- Airi's Game (illust_id=56991885)
- Prontera PvP Loser (illust_id=62797414)
- [OC] Queen You Oyl execution (illust_id=60933625)
- [OC] Death Maiden (illust_id=62212797)
- Hinata Hyuga Shiromuku << New (illust_id=68839883)

I can't do everything. If you like that work. Please support me @ Patreon / Hiccears.

Once it reach 500 / per month. I would resume that.

You also give me suggestion @ this vote poll


Ultra Reina 是本月的重點圖,花了不少時間表現她被怪物咬碎 :P

有關白無垢 雛田的漫畫


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