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The time has come...Kantai Union finally...

浅穗 若心

Final Battle

浅穗 若心

2018年6月13日 01:50
The time has come...Kantai Union finally successfully broke through the numerous defensive lines by Abyssals, step into the final base of them.&...続きを見る
The time has come...

Kantai Union finally successfully broke through the numerous defensive lines by Abyssals, step into the final base of them.
"What is... this...?"
The gigantic structure in front them, which is also known as "Fortress Princess", was an enemy that they had once defeated before.
And this time, with the full enhancement by Void Energy, this enormous create had risen up for the vengeance, and the destruction of everything.

"It seems that it's too late to stop them from now." said Umikaze with a slight sigh as she looked up the girl standing on the top of her own "throne".
She remembered that these girls were shown once they were able to "communicate", but every move they tried to do just put themselves into another great danger.

For Ark Royal, who thought that they had already tried every possible plans to make contact with them, and all of them ended up with nothing in vain.
"So, what we can do now is to focus on the only thing we can do right here, right now, and make everything back to normal."

Disruptor took a quick look these Abyssals around them, and said with a smile:
"It might be a short time to get along with you Kanmusumes, but I do enjoy my good time, so let's 'purify' these enemies clean and neatly!"

"Yeah yeah, just make it quick, cause I'm kinda tired of these guys to coming again and again like 24/7!" said Ju’tas with a little bit annoying voice, and she only cared about whether she could take back these rare Vespene Gas home; if that was possible, then perhaps she won't need to work for a while.

The awoken Fortress Princess and her fellows, surrounded them with countless armies, making no way to retreat.
"It's the time, and there would be only us or you to survive, and lead the way of the future of whole mankind. Show me, show me how strong your faith are!"
Could they find out the that glimpse of the light hidden in the bottom of this utter darkness?

"Engaging in the final mission, code 'Glory'."

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