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"夏コミ頑張ってください", is tagged with 「アイドルマスターシンデレラガールズ」「橘ありす」 and others.





8/7/2018 00:00

SacredCourage11/6/2018 15:52None of you fucks here, or anywhere, have the mental, physical, spiritual aspects to fuck with me. Boy, sit down before you're incinerated. SacredCourage11/6/2018 15:51And cry yourself to sleep knowing you'll keep being a fucking loser if you don't change. Bastards. SacredCourage11/6/2018 15:50By the way, I can be a "pussy boy", but at least I'm not a failed abortion. Like you and the rest of those like you, you live to be fodder. SacredCourage11/6/2018 15:49I have my own "Darkness", and it supersedes your worthless ass attempt to be intimidating. Punk ass. Go back to school and learn something. SacredCourage11/6/2018 15:48I'm only responding this last time for the simple fact that I find it amusing for those to challenge someone, but lack the mental game. SacredCourage11/6/2018 15:46You fucks amuse me. For whatever reason, you find the time to find entertainment vs. being the "darkness" you claim. Dumbass. SacredCourage11/6/2018 15:45That's the same thing your whore of mother said before she had your punk ass. You're supposed to be "darkness", but dumb as a knob. Chrollo11/5/2018 00:56you are right see you later pussy boy SacredCourage11/4/2018 18:18It's not my problem you're a dumbfuck. Bye, retard. Go troll someone else. Idiot. Chrollo11/4/2018 15:32i'm the fucking dengue lol, choose your words first then talk SacredCourage11/4/2018 11:15What is your "darkness" compared to mine? I can be my own worst enemy. You're not even a mosquito compared to my "issues". Chrollo11/4/2018 06:48im the darkness, do you think you can beat me? jajaja SacredCourage11/4/2018 04:37It's weak, worthless fucks like you that make my job being me so much easier. Bitch made ass fucktard. SacredCourage11/4/2018 04:33No bitch. Each shit and die. Failed abortion ass nigga. Chrollo11/3/2018 16:15shut up, little fucker SacredCourage8/10/2018 19:42Little bitch taking that dick real good from her king. Like a good girl. Life map8/10/2018 10:40><// 弥猫うた8/9/2018 14:17為になる情報! 弥猫うた8/9/2018 14:16しまった……FANBOXでしか描かないと思っていた欲求が漏れ出てしまった…… 弥猫うた8/9/2018 14:15二段飛ばしくらいでどんどん大人の階段を昇っていく……
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