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"【PFLS】Serenity【ノーザリア】", is tagged with 「ボールランの戦い【青】」「【ポルタ・クレイス】」 and others.

Name: Serenity Age: 18Height: 168 cmGend...




2/5/2019 04:44
Name: Serenity Age: 18Height: 168 cmGender: FemaleA cold, poker-face and also laconic person who isn’t interested much in trouble. No one knows ...Keep reading
Name: Serenity
Age: 18
Height: 168 cm
Gender: Female

A cold, poker-face and also laconic person who isn’t interested much in trouble. No one knows anything about her life(specially her personal life),except the fact that she used to live with her family at the borderline (with the fireland nation). She doesn’t like to get questioned therefore she intends on doing her job flawlessly.
A regular logic of her:’I’ll kill if it’s needed and don’t kill if it’s not needed’.
Her decisions are based on the conditions that she‘s in and she’d make one that causes least trouble. Somehow she’s looking for a safe position for herself and she seems determined about it(she’d even crush someone’s bones for that matter)

With having her respect for the supervisor and group members she also looks cold in a way that it’ll discourage others and if someone ever stands about it she’ll make sure to choose a way that the individual will be treated equally(not to make anyone cheeky nor making any trouble).
She’s mostly quiet and minding her own business.
Likes eating food and has some problems with the magical stuff since she can’t comprehend the diversity behind them and can’t handle the calculations.
However she’s still planning to deal with it somehow.

Genetically, she has some birthmarks on her face from her mother’s side which comes from Northelia.
As I mentioned before,she and her family lived at the borderline close to the Firelands which makes Serenity a hybrid of both nations(since her father is a Fireland person)

She’s loyal to her side even though she’s not a Outsourcing person as possible.

She’d make priorities on things which are close to her and make more impact on her.

One of the reasons that she’s loyal to her queen Zera, is that she is a woman and serenity loves women.
She thinks that they’re soothing.(that’s because she’s never seen a man who’s not annoying before)
That’s why she keeps defending girls side and on the other hand, ignoring the boys.

She’s planning to serve well in order to make a potent records and make a way into the Government apparatus and somehow be able to serve the queen at the central castle.

✂️also, I think that she’s not going to get along with the supervisor even though she does whatever he demands.

✂️and I hope that she’d make a suitable character. I tried to make her with a good title in the group.if there was anything about her,please let me know.

✂️thanks to よるかげ user/2393233 and I’ll be linked to his team.
Kishumy2/10/2019 16:56She's so pretty! Also I hope Zera will notice her - you can do it Serenity, I'm cheering for you! (happy3) minutes002/6/2019 01:39Thanks to Koumu-San!✨ I’ll do my best to stay coordinated and not to make any problems. minutes002/6/2019 01:38Yes sir! Is it ok now? Please let me know if there were any issues. よるかげ*自家通販中2/5/2019 23:40(I can't speak English but I got help from Koumu! Thank you!) よるかげ*自家通販中2/5/2019 23:39this guild →(https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=72939060) よるかげ*自家通販中2/5/2019 23:38Just one more step, please use the image response function to connect this guild image to your character illustration.
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