pixiv Guidelines


pixiv Inc. (hereinafter "the Company") recognizes the social responsibility of pixiv (hereinafter, "the Service") and upholds these specific guidelines in order to conduct healthy and smooth management of the Service.


The Company enforces the following regulations based on its guidelines. These regulations are not determined by any ethical organization, but are set independently, by the Company and may be changed at its discretion depending on changes in society and the environment. Please be aware that the Company does not guarantee the continuous implementation of these guidelines.

About adding and removing age restrictions for works and images

Images and text (title, caption, summary, a novel's main body, reference materials, and text submitted using the image submission feature) are all treated as a part of a work. When checking for age restrictions and removing works, the Company's management team will prioritize works which information have been submitted through the "Provide information about this work" form.

Since profile pictures and plan cover images for requests are visible to all users, the Company prohibits the setting of images that require age restrictions. In addition, the posting or setting of images that correspond to the following prohibited works will also be prohibited.

If a work or a profile picture or a plan cover image for requests is deemed problematic, they will either be deleted or given an age restriction label. Malicious acts including the following prohibited conduct may result in the deletion of the user's ID. The Company is unable to respond to inquiries regarding the reasons for such actions.

Prohibited conduct

  • Massive and continuous posting of prohibited works
  • Defamatory, threatening, economically or psychologically damaging or detrimental tags or comments
  • Adding tags that are unrelated to the content of a work
  • Posting comments for the purpose of inappropriate advertising or solicitation
  • Using user IDs or work IDs for defamatory purposes, either on this Service or other websites
  • Using crawlers and other programs to gather or farm works
  • Anything that places an extreme load on the server

Age restricted works

This Service requires age restriction to be applied to works that are not suitable for viewing by minors.

Users must apply age restrictions to all works that correspond to the following.

  • [R-18]: Anything that can be associated with, or represents sex, and which represents the union or joining of the genitals, or which is reminiscent of the sexual act.
  • [R-18G]: Violent scenes, ideas, and imitative expressions that are to be considered highly dangerous or shocking.
    * In particular, works that include detailed depictions of lacerations and internal organs of both human and animal bodies, and works that depict violence such as torture, should be marked "R-18G".

Prohibited Works

The following works can be considered potential candidates for deletion:

For works containing images or text:

  • Works that are defamatory, threatening, economically or emotionally damaging or detrimental
  • Works that contain needlessly warped or distorted depictions of sex
  • Works that contain shockingly or disturbingly strong violence
  • Works that promote needlessly extreme ideas
  • Works that glorify or excessively foster antisocial conduct
  • Works that discriminate against race, belief, occupation, gender, or religion
  • Works that display the actions of religious cults or political extremists
  • Works that contain inhuman cruelty which is exaggerated to be needlessly shocking and that could be expected to lead to imitation
  • Works that contain clearly sexualized depictions of young children
    * If censorship (such as mosaics or pixelation) is used, exceptions will be made as long as the works are considered to be socially acceptable

For works containing images (illustrations, manga, Ugoira, novel covers, novel reference materials, directly uploaded images, etc)

  • Expressions of exposed genitalia
  • Foreign objects that are meant to represent sexual acts or exposed genitalia
  • Works that are mainly real-life photographs (*)

    * About works that are mainly real-life photographs:
    The following works are permitted to be posted and used unless they contain inappropriate expression for people under the age of 18
    • Works where the photograph is not the main subject of the image, such as when a photograph is used as a background
    • Works where the photograph has been altered to the point that it can no longer be considered a photograph
    • Works where a photograph is used as a cover for a novel
    • Works where the photograph is used with the Reference Materials feature in Novels
    • Works uploaded into Novels using the "Upload illustrations" feature

About censorship (mosaics/pixelation)

  • Generally speaking, the censorship process assumes that any inappropriate parts shall be hidden based on visual judgment rather than on the technical nature of the image.
  • Censorship shall be efficiently done until it has achieved a level where no programs can reverse the edit.
  • The range should include the outline.
  • Vague mosaics/pixelation where details are made clear by the transparency of the concealment shall not be considered as censorship.
  • The following are guidelines for using mosaics/pixelation:
    Mosaics should use squares at least 4x4 pixels in size. If the said image is more than 400 pixels long, the dimensions of the mosaic squares should be 1/100 the length of the whole image.
  • Censorship using solid colors should conceal all inappropriate parts of the image. However, exceptions can be made if concealing only a part of the image leads to an acceptable result.
  • Censorship using white liquids and other patterns or painting techniques which goal is censorship should conceal all inappropriate parts of the image. However, exceptions can be made if concealing only a part of the image leads to an acceptable result.

Examples of expressions that require the use of mosaics/pixelation

  • Genitals or areas reminiscent of genitals
  • The union or joining of the genitals and the insertion of foreign objects
  • The union or joining of anuses and the insertion of foreign objects
  • Areas that are unnecessarily detailed due to being exposed by cuts, lacerations, etc.

About novels

The Company defines the following works as original novel works. The Company's management team will prioritize works whose information has been submitted through the "Provide information about this work" form, and if a work does not meet the definition of "original work", it may be removed or deprived of its "original work" label.

  • Original works that the user has created entirely by themselves, including the scenario, characters, and settings.
  • Works based on titles that approve the secondary use of their characters and settings.
  • Works based on titles whose copyright protection period has expired (fairy tales, classics, etc.)
  • Works based on historical figures and events

Examples of works which label may be changed

  • Works based on content to which others hold the rights
  • Works based on content to a part of which (characters, settings, etc.) others hold the rights
  • Works based on real people (artists, streamers, etc.)

About novel genres

  • pixiv has established genres to make it easier for users to find original novels.
  • Genres are listed according to pixiv's original classification and are subject to change. Also, they may differ from the categories used by related services (see the "pixiv Terms of Use, Article 2 Definitions").
  • In the event that a submitted novel does not match the genre that was set for it, the management team may change the genre to one that they feel is more appropriate.

Setting a language for your work

  • In order to make it easier to search for works by language, pixiv allows you to set a "Language" for novels and manga.
  • Available languages may be added or changed in the future.
  • In the event that the content of a work does not match its language settings, we reserve the right to change its language as we deem more appropriate.

Supplementary provisions

  • Enacted on October 8, 2007
  • Revised on November 15, 2019
  • Revised on September 16, 2020
  • Revised on November 9, 2020
  • Revised on July 8, 2021
  • Revised on September 15, 2022