pixiv Terms / Guidelines

pixiv Guidelines

  • The pixiv Inc. (hereinafter "we", "us", "our") acknowledges its corporate responsibility for pixiv (hereinafter, "the service") and upholds these specific guidelines in order to operate smoothly and healthily.


  • We will enforce the following regulations based on our guidelines.These regulations are not determined by any ethical organization, but are set independently
  • by us. We reserve the right to change them in case the company or circumstances experience any changes.Please be aware that these guidelines may change without notice.

Adding Age Restrictions and Removing Works

  • Images, titles, and their descriptions are all treated as a part of a work. Hence when adding restriction levels or removing any artwork, the service's management team will check all related information stated in the "Report This Work" form beforehand. If the work is deemed problematic, it will either be deleted or given an age restriction label. Any malicious conduct prohibited by the rules below will be dealt via the deletion of user's ID.
  • Please be aware that you will not receive any answer on why your ID was deleted.

Prohibited Conduct

  1. Submitting multiple prohibited works, whether or not said submissions were done all at once or one at a time.
  2. Making tags or comments which are defamatory, or which would cause economic or mental harm.
  3. Using user IDs or image IDs this service or other websites for the defamatory purposes.
  4. Using crawlers and other programs to gather or farm works.
  5. Anything that places extreme, excessive, or undue burden on the server(s).

Age Restricted Works

This service requires age restriction levels to be applied on works which are not suitable for viewing by minors.Please use great care when setting age restriction tags when submitting any works if the following conditions apply:
  1. [ R-18 ] [ R-18G ]: Works containing depictions that are unsuitable to those under 18.
  2. Anything sexually related, or said work that depicts it, genitalia contact, or anything which strongly resembles any sexual act.
  3. Violence, ideas, and memes which are could be highly dangerous or disturbing to minors.

Prohibited Works

The following works can be considered potential candidates for deletion:
  1. Images containing defamation, threats, or that cause economic or mental harm.
  2. Images displaying genitalia.
  3. Images displaying foreign objects in genitalia.
  4. Images containing needlessly warped or distorted depictions of sex.
  5. Images containing shockingly or disturbingly strong violence.
  6. Images promoting needlessly extreme ideas.
  7. Images glorifying or excessively fostering antisocial conduct.
  8. Images with an unfavorable depiction of any ethnicity, belief, occupation, sex or religion.
  9. Images displaying the actions of religious cults or political extremists.
  10. Images which contain inhuman cruelty which are exaggerated to be needlessly shocking.
  11. Images which might turn such cruel or shocking content into a meme.
  12. Images which contain clearly sexualized depictions of young children.
  13. * If censorship (such as mosaic or pixellation) is used, exceptions will be given to the extent that popular wisdom allows.
  14. Images based on photography. However this does not apply in the following cases:
    1. Images based on photography.
    2. Images which have been altered to the point that it is no longer considered to be a photograph.

About Censorship (Adding mosaics)

  1. Generally speaking, censorship on any unnecessary parts shall be done based on visual judgments rather than programs.
  2. Censorship shall be efficiently done until it has achieved a level where no programs can reverse the edit. The border of said objects shall be included in the obfuscation.
  3. Vague obfuscation where details can be seen clearly will not count as a censorship.
  4. Transparent obfuscation through which detail can be seen does not count as censorship.
  5. The following are guidelines on using mosaics:
    1. Mosaics should use squares at least 4x4 pixels in size. If said image is more than 400 pixels long, the dimensions of the mosaic squares should be one hundredth the length of the whole image.
  6. The obfuscation is meant to include all parts which need to be obfuscated, but it may include others as a result.
  7. While it is required to apply censorship on white liquids or any other concealments, it can be excluded when other concealments are applied properly.

Prohibited Works

Examples of private parts which may warrant a censor:
  1. Genitalia, or any part that resembles genitalia
  2. Areas where any and all genitalia penetrates or otherwise contacts other genitalia
  3. Areas where any and all genitalia penetrates or otherwise contacts the anus
  4. Depictions of any and all severed or lacerated body parts in needless graphic detail.
  • As of October 8th, 2007