pixiv Terms / Guidelines

Translation suggestions terms of service

On pixiv, you can now suggest a romaji transliteration or a multilingual translation for Japanese tags, in order to make it easier for users all over the world to enjoy our service.

Please submit your suggestions after carefully reading and agreeing to the following terms:

  • We will use the translation you suggested anonymously. The name of the person who suggested the translation will not be displayed.
  • In order to make our service accessible to speakers of various languages, the translation you suggested might be used on pixiv and all related services for promotion, advertisement/publicity, for the improvement of our services' system and for maintenance. We may use and modify your suggested translation in a free and non-exclusive manner within pixiv and all related services.
    Please refer to this page about examples.
  • The translation you suggested may be provided to third parties as ""anonymous translation data not including personal information"" to improve the quality of translation.