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pixiv is the premier online artist community where members submit illustrations, manga, and novels or browse work created by others. Join the millions that make up the pixiv community.You can also access pixiv with your mobile phone.

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"An exciting space for you to enjoy creative activities"

Welcome to pixiv!

pixiv is a social media service where users can post their works (e.g. illustrations, manga, novels) and receive much love and support!
By providing a space where creators can post their works and fans can give feedback to the artists, we hope to create a fun environment for anyone who enjoys creative activities.

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There are other platforms that enable you to post your works, but on pixiv we emphasize the importance of making creative activities more enjoyable and finding works that suit your interest.

Users can 'tag' works on pixiv.
Thanks to tags, users can have an easier time browsing for works that truly fit their interest. By using tags to represent unique elements in your works, other pixiv users will be able to easily find your works and understand their contents.

Also, we allow users to freely adjust the privacy settings of their works as well as their comment settings and to bookmark works that they like. By bookmarking works that they like, users can receive recommendations featuring works and artists that they might like. This way, users will have the chance to encounter various types of works through different paths. We also allow users to add artists to their Favorites list so that when these artists publish new works, they will be displayed on the users' top page.

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On pixiv, there is no shortage of events! These include projects held by users and official contests. Customize your profile screen and transform it into your very own portfolio; be inspired by pixiv's Creative Ideas page, where we post daily contents that will motivate you to create!
We will continue to innovate in order to deliver an exciting environment where our users can communicate with each other and comfortably immerse themselves in creative activities.

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