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For pixiv Premium membersLoved by pros - the standard in illustration apps

Clip Studio Paint Debut is only available on pixiv Premium.
After registering for pixiv Premium, you can sign up for and install the Clip Studio Paint app.
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For everyone from digital beginners to pros.
What is the standard in illustration apps, Clip Studio Paint?

Clip Studio Paint is the most used* illustration app among pixiv users. With over 30 million users around the world, the number of new fans joining its ranks continues to rise every day.
* For six years running, it has been named as the most used app on the world’s largest illustration social network, pixiv (data provided by pixiv from December 2015 -December 2022, compiled by Celsys).

As the standard in painting apps, it is packed with all the functions you need to create illustrations and digital art. Enjoy the feeling of a traditional drawing experience with a simple and easy-to-understand user interface, this model is useful for a wide range of users, from those starting out their digital art journey, to seasoned professionals.

All the same functions are available on computer platforms like Windows, macOS and Chromebook as are on iPad, iPhone, Android and Galaxy smartphone and tablet devices, for an equally smooth as butter creative experience when you are on the move.

Simple Mode makes switching tools a breeze and drawing more intuitive on smartphone and tablet devices (iPad/iPhone/Galaxy/Android/Chromebook).*
The app includes a selection of tools to make digital drawing easy for everyone, even beginners, from basic illustration tools to popular advanced features such as poseable 3D models, liquify, and smart color filling of closed areas.

*You can use it by updating your Clip Studio Paint Debut for pixiv to the latest version. You can use the dual-device plan to use the smartphone version if you are currently using a one-time purchase license.

Over 40,000 brushes are available for download, from brushes that capture the painting styles of traditional media like watercolor-, oil-, and airbrushes, to brushes that make it easy to paint decorative elements and backgrounds such as flowers, grass, chains, and dotted lines! (Check out full list here) You’re certain to find the perfect brush for your artwork.

Load 3D drawing figures, characters, accessories, and backgrounds to your canvas for use as references. Adjust poses and body shapes as you like. You can also register frequently drawn body shapes and poses as materials and reuse them anytime!

Download any of the more than 70,000 free materials including pens, brushes, screentones, and 3D materials, both official and user-created, to help you create your artwork. You’re certain to find the perfect material for your artwork.


Check out our pro tutorials, with art tips and guides on using Clip Studio Paint features from real professional artists. As well as the free Clip Studio TIPS guides and YouTube tutorials, there are also many guidebooks available for sale to help you learn the ropes. No matter if it’s your first time, or you’ve been drawing for years, there are materials to guide you every step of the way.

Clip Studio TIPS: Digital Art Tutorials
Clip Studio Official YouTube Channel

From timelapse videos of your art process to adding animation to your drawings, use the integrated share button for a simple way to share your work to social media and other services.

From text input, shape tools, gradients, and filters - all the tools essential for drawing are here all in one package. Clip Studio Paint Debut also offers a full range of import and export functions, such as scanner support, useful if you draw on paper and then switch to digital to clean up your work, and Photoshop file support so your files can be used in other apps.

You can easily upgrade to a higher grades PRO or EX from right within the app, with no need for additional downloads, or a different operating system! Broaden your artistic range and quickly create beautiful works of art, just as you imagine them!
What’s more, users of the Clip Studio Paint Debut for pixiv plan get access to discounted upgrades to the higher PRO and EX grades of the app!*

* Current Clip Studio Paint Debut Dual-device plan users who signed up via this page are eligible for the discounted pricing for monthly usage plans.

Clip Studio Paint Debut is only available on pixiv Premium.
After registering for pixiv Premium, you can sign up for and install the Clip Studio Paint app.
Sign up for pixiv Premium here.