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April 10, 2024
Revision of pixiv Guidelines for photo-realistic images.
April 10, 2024
Greetings from pixiv.
The pixiv Guidelines were revised on April 10th, 2024.
■ pixiv Guidelines
■ Revision Details
Guidelines on prohibited post content for Illustrations, Manga, Ugoira, and Other Images have been changed as follows.
[Before Revision]
・Real-life photographs or photo-realistic images that can be interpreted as sexual content.
[After Revision]
・Real-life photographs or photo-realistic images.
pixiv prohibits the posting of images that are real-life photographs or photo-realistic images, regardless of whether they can be interpreted as sexual content.
No changes have been made to how the prohibited posts are handled, However, a revision has been made to the guidelines to word it more accurately.
Thank you for your continued patronage with pixiv.
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