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Donation announcement: pixiv Novel Children's Charity Project "Book Santa 2022"
January 30, 2023
Greetings from pixiv.

On pixiv, between November 25th and December 25th, 2022, we launched the "pixiv Novel Children's Charity Project Book Santa 2022", to support the activities of the Book Santa project, which aims to donate books to disadvantaged children throughout Japan.

◆"pixiv Novel Children's Charity Project Book Santa 2022" Event Page

We're pleased to announce that during this event, 890 participants submitted a total of 1162 eligible works (works meeting the guidelines of the project), earning a total of 581,000 JPY in donations (approx. 4500 USD).

All the donations were transferred to the NPO Charity Santa on January 20th, 2023.

The donations collected through this project will be used to fund the operation of Book Santa, and to pay for books donated to children.
We thank you all for your warm and heartfelt support.

■ About Book Santa
Book Santa was founded in 2017 with the mission of donating books to disadvantaged children throughout Japan. Operated by the NPO Charity Santa, Book Santa partners with NPOs and booksellers throughout the country.
This charity program, "Books from Santa Claus," allows you to purchase books at partner bookstores that you would like to donate to children throughout Japan, then donate them at the register.
The program also offers a dedicated online bookshop and crowdfunding donation options for people who have difficulty visiting physical bookstores.

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