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pixiv Premium members can now access Ver. 2.0 of Clip Studio Paint DEBUT, pixiv Premium's special bonus

Greetings from pixiv.
Thank you for using our service.

The drawing tool Clip Studio Paint DEBUT, which pixiv provides as a bonus to Premium users, will soon be upgraded to Ver. 2.0, which allows users to access new features.

■ Learn more about Clip Studio Paint Ver. 2.0

When upgrading to Ver. 2.0, the required procedures will differ depending on each plan. We apologize for the inconvenience and invite everyone to follow the instructions below.

■ How to use Ver. 2.0

Clip Studio Paint DEBUT is provided as a bonus through pixiv Premium under the following two plans.
・Clip Studio Paint DEBUT Dual-device plan
・Clip Studio Paint DEBUT Serial code plan

You can check the status of your plan here.
The plan you're currently using will be displayed at the top of the page.

You're on the Dual-device plan

You're on the Serial code plan

・If you're using the Clip Studio Paint DEBUT Dual-device plan

You can use Clip Studio Paint DEBUT by updating it after Ver. 2.0 goes live.

・If you're using the Clip Studio Paint DEBUT Serial code plan

The Clip Studio Paint DEBUT Serial code plan does not support Ver. 2.0.
If you wish to use Ver. 2.0, you will need to follow the steps outlined below and switch to the Clip Studio Paint DEBUT Dual-device plan.

The Dual-device plan offers the convenience of being able to use the software on two devices of your choosing, so we encourage you to give it a try.
(Supported devices: Windows / macOS / iPad / iPhone / Galaxy / Android / Chromebook)
*No additional fees are incurred by switching from the Serial code plan to the Dual-device plan.

If you stay on the Serial code plan, you can continue to use the current version (Ver.1).

■ How to switch to the Clip Studio Paint DEBUT Dual-device plan

1. Go to this page https://www.pixiv.net/clipstudio.
2. Click "Activate".
3. Log in using your Clip Studio account.
 *If you don't have a Clip Studio account, you can register here.
4. Download Clip Studio Paint DEBUT.
5. Install Clip Studio Paint.
6. Launch Clip Studio, and click on "Paint".
7. Click "I already have a license / I have signed up for a free offer".
8. Find Clip Studio Paint DEBUT at the top, and click "Start".

▼Learn more about Clip Studio Paint DEBUT

​​■ About pixiv Premium
pixiv Premium is a subscription plan that helps you get the best experience out of pixiv. With pixiv Premium, you can use a number of convenient features that make the posting and browsing of content much easier.

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▼If you have questions about Clip Studio Paint Ver. 2.0 or the Clip Studio Paint DEBUT feature, contact us here
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▼If you have questions about switching to the Dual-device plan, contact us here
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We are looking forward to your continued support.
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