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pixiv Requests
Creators Guide
This guide explains important factors creators need to know about when accepting requests from fans, as well as the basic flow of the request process.
To ensure a fun and comfortable creative process for everyone, please read the following guide before you start accepting requests.
The four steps from request to completion
Set your terms and start accepting requests
Consider the types of requests you would enjoy working on when you set your request terms.
Pick a request to accept
Requests expire after seven days. There is no penalty for expired requests.
Complete the request by the deadline
The deadline for all requests is 60 days from the date that the request was received.
Post the work on pixiv, and you're done!
The billing period ends on the last day of the month in which the request was completed, and the payout is transferred within five business days from the 20th of the following month.
Overall flow
Please check your schedule against the workflow from setting request terms through to receiving your payout.
Rules and features
Important rules
Do not respond to individual messages
Privately making arrangements or asking for retakes regarding requests is prohibited.
If you are contacted about the content of a request via pixiv Messages or via comments, you do not need to respond.
The creator retains the copyright for the requested work
The creator retains all rights to requested works.
Fans are only allowed to use the work for personal purposes. (Fans must credit the creator when posting the work on social media, etc.)
Abide by the Terms of Use
pixiv Requests prioritizes the safety and comfort of all users above all else.
Please abide by the pixiv Guidelines and Requests Terms of Use when posting requested work, request terms, and cover images.
What’s special about pixiv Requests
Price limits
The lower limit for request pricing is 3,000 JPY (approx. 23 USD), while the upper limit is 30,000 JPY - 300,000 JPY (approx. 222-2225 USD)
The upper limit fluctuates based on the usage status of the Requests feature. In order to prevent fraud, to set a price of 30,000 JPY or higher, you need to have completed a request and accepted the payout.
How many sets of terms can I create?
Four sets
What kinds of work can I accept requests for?
Work types: Illustrations, Manga, Novels, and Ugoira
For each set of terms, you can choose the type of work you accept requests for.
Our policy on AI-generated work
As of May 29th, 2023, pixiv Requests does not allow AI-generated work.
60 days
The deadline for all requests is 60 days from the day you received the request, and not from the day a request is accepted.
Request privacy settings
You can choose either Public or Private
If a request is set to Private, it will only be viewable by the creator and the fan who sent it, and no third party will have access to any information. You can change the privacy settings of a request freely at any time after accepting the request.
Anonymous requests
When a fan sends a request, they can choose whether to send it along with their username or anonymously, so please note that you may receive anonymous requests.
Service fee
10% of the sales price
Prior consultation & retakes
Direct communication between fans and creators about requests is prohibited, including consultations and retakes.
Payout method
Bank transfer (Japan only), PayPal, Wise
Other features
For public requests that are currently in progress, fans who are interested in the content of the request can pay an additional fee (the same price as the original request), in order to support the request.
Gift files
Creators can attach files in addition to the requested work. Gift files are only accessible to the fan who requested the work, plus any fans who co-requested it.
Fan letters
This feature allows the fans who requested/co-requested to work to express their appreciation to the creator after the request has been completed. Fans can express their impressions of the work, to tell the creator what they like about it.