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What should I write?
  • Convey your passions and what you would like to see in an honest, concise way.
  • Include tags to make it easier for creators to frame the request.
  • Offer an amount of money based on the time and effort you imagine the creator will spend on your request with their target price as a reference point.
  • Include deadlines or anything else that's not the content of your request.
  • To prevent fraudulent payments, the maximum price may be lowered depending on your actual usage of the feature. The minimum is 3,000 JPY and the maximum price will vary depending on your use of the Requests feature.
  • You cannot change the content or amount offered after sending a request.
  • The content of a request may be disclosed to third parties.
  • If you send an anonymous request, no one will know you sent it.
  • If the request you sent is not accepted within 7 days, it will be automatically canceled and the amount will be refunded to you in full.

Completed requests

Hello and Happy New Year! I am trying to apply for a request. The character I'm applying for is a character called the Queen of Games from the Korean anime "Fly Super Board" I'm trying to apply for a frontal view that shows at least up to the thigh and knee area. I may be unfamiliar with what kind of character the Queen of Games is, but please refer to the image file link! The character's personality and looks are those of a villain in the original anime, but in the requested drawing, the face should be cute and the body and figure should be drawn in a mature manner, with a light appearance of the collarbones and a mature body shape, such as a chest in relief, etc. The face and eyes should be drawn in a style different from that of the original anime! The face and eyes should be drawn in a different style from the original anime, with Emu's unique drawing style, and should look like a young beautiful woman, or like the beautiful female characters in 1990s Japanese anime. (The setting, content and looks are very different, but in the original manga book, it was mentioned that the queen of the game is about 21 years old, so please draw her looking about that age.) Her hair is brown, her eyes are light blue, her swimsuit-like clothing is light purple, her cape is pink, her belt, knee protection band and boots are dark purple, the three beads on her belt are pink, her bracelet and brooch are golden, and her earrings are mint! I've drawn the composition directly for you to use as a reference, and you can choose any of the three! Of course, you can draw a different composition than this one, as long as it is a frontal composition where at least the thighs and knees are showing! I do not fit in as the character is from a Korean cartoon, but thank you in advance for your help! If you have any intention of rejecting me, please decline immediately! Thanks for reading!