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November 25, 2022
pixiv's policy on AI-generated work in the Request feature
November 25, 2022

Greetings from pixiv.

This is an announcement of updates to our service regarding the use of works in the Request feature in which all or most of the production process was carried out by AI (hereinafter referred to as "AI-generated work").

When fans request work from creators, there is a strong possibility for misunderstandings to occur, especially when creators use AI technology.
In order to prevent such misunderstandings, and maintain a comfortable experience for everyone on our service, from December 2022, we will be updating the Requests feature to make it possible to differentiate requests for conventional work from requests for specifically AI-generated work.

The major updates are as follows.

・Addition of a feature where creators can specify AI-generated posts in their Request terms
・Addition of a labeling and filtering feature for AI-generated work on Request-related pages
・Update to the Requests Guide regarding AI-generated work

■ Addition of a feature where creators can specify AI-generated posts in their Request terms

Using this feature, creators can specify when creating or editing their terms that they post AI-generated work. Creators can only post AI-generated work through the Requests feature if they select this specification in their sets of terms.

This feature lets fans know in advance of making requests whether they are requesting AI-generated work.
More details will be provided when the feature is released.

■ Addition of a labeling and filtering feature for AI-generated work on Request-related pages

Using the AI-generated work disclosure option, fans can select "Display fewer" to prevent AI-generated work from being displayed in the Requests portal and other browsing pages.
This update will be rolled out starting in late November.

About display settings for AI-generated work

■ Update to the Requests Guide regarding AI-generated work

We have clarified the creator's responsibilities and points of note regarding the posting of AI-generated work in the Requests feature.
Details will be released with the release of the feature.

Please note that these changes are not necessarily permanent, and may be reviewed and modified as necessary.

■ To all creators using the Requests feature

When posting work through the Requests feature, it is the responsibility of the creator to make judgments based on our Terms of Use, not only on AI technology, but also on other tools, materials, and motifs used during the creation process. This applies to all posts, not only posts related to this update.

We ask everyone in our community to familiarize themselves with the pixiv Terms of Use, Guidelines, and the Requests Guide.
Request Feature Individual Terms of Use and Service Master Terms of Use
Requests Guide
pixiv Guidelines

We will continue to improve the Requests feature based on your user styles and feedback, to ensure that everyone can enjoy a safe and comfortable experience on our service.

Thank you for your patronage with pixiv.

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