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Updates to the pixiv Service Master Terms of Use / Guidelines regarding the use of AI technology
May 31, 2023
Greetings from pixiv.

Currently, pixiv is implementing a number of changes to our service policies on AI-generated works.

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Upcoming updates to the Service Master Terms of Use and Guidelines

As a part of this update, as of May 31st, 2023, pixiv has updated our Service Master Terms of Use and Guidelines.
The Service Master Terms of Use apply to pixiv and all pixiv-related services, while the pixiv Guidelines apply only to pixiv (including pixiv Requests).
The Service Master Terms of Use and pixiv Guidelines are linked below.

■ Service Master Terms of Use

■ pixiv Guidelines

The new updates to the Terms of Use have been put in place as countermeasures against problems stemming from the rapid development of AI technology. We have also updated the pixiv Guidelines to match the updated Terms of Use, and help prevent malicious activity on our service.
These updates to the Terms of Use were crafted based on in-depth consultations with experts, as well as surveys and data-based investigations, and therefore required some time to finalize. We sincerely apologize for any uncertainty or inconvenience this may have caused to our community.

In cases where Individual Terms of Use for various pixiv services conflict with the master Terms of Use, the rules for the individual services take priority. In particular, posting of AI-generated work is now prohibited on pixiv Requests and pixivFANBOX, so please take care to follow the rules appropriately.

■ pixiv Requests
Upcoming policy shift on AI-generated work on pixiv Requests

■ pixivFANBOX
Upcoming policy shift on AI-generated work on pixivFANBOX

Upcoming policy shift on AI-generated work on BOOTH

These new Terms of Use are now in effect on all pixiv-related services, including pixiv itself. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. The individual terms of use for specific services will be subject to further updates in the future.

Explanations of the content and purpose of the updates are listed below.
For the pixiv Guidelines, we’ve also revised the format of the entire document and changed the wording, so we’ve only included explanations of major changes in this announcement.

■ Updates to the Service Master Terms of Use

第14条 禁止行為

We’ve clarified that it is prohibited to use pixiv or related services to gather datasets for machine learning in order to develop AI programs that can make and post accurate copies of a creator’s work or artistic style in a way that is detrimental to the original creator.


In particular, it is prohibited to use the works, voice, etc. of a third party without permission to create imitations of that person’s work using AI programs or similar, then continuously post such imitations or distribute / sell tools, models, etc. that aid in the creation of such imitations.
Continued imitation or copying of the artistic style integral to the creative identity of a specific creator poses a significant threat to the activities of the creator. Therefore, we have added the following items to the Terms of Use / Guidelines.

[Previous version]

[Updated version]

In recent years, the development of AI programs has made accurate forgery and impersonation easier than ever. pixiv prohibits all such conduct, even when it was not intended to be malicious.

■ Updates to the pixiv Guidelines

Prohibited conduct

  • Repeatedly posting works/information that copy the artistic style of a specific third party as prank or for malicious purposes, or engaging in other activities that the Company deems could be detrimental to the creative identity or professional activities of a third party

  • Posting high volumes of works in order to monopolize space and visibility, or engaging in other activity that has a severe impact on other users

  • Activities that damage the reputation, trust, etc. of a third party

  • Defamation, sedition, or aggression based on hate, prejudice, or intolerance

  • Impersonating a company account, another user, or other third party, or engaging in activity that the Company deems could be construed as impersonation

  • Other activities that could have a severe impact on the Service and users’ experiences

  • We’ve added clauses prohibiting impersonation or similar conduct using AI programs, and conduct related to the posting of massive volumes of content in order to monopolize page space.
    We have also clarified our policy with regard to defamation and slander. Such activity was already prohibited in the Terms of Use, but we have now made the wording clearer in the Guidelines, as well.

    Posting Content Responsibility

    Users bear responsibility for the repercussions of all their own activities and post content on the Service, regardless of the software, tools, programs, or conditions/processes used, and regardless of whether the activities/posts were made willfully or out of negligence. Users are asked to exercise careful judgment about whether their activities are socially acceptable, regardless of whether or not the activities are in violation of the Guidelines, Terms of Use, etc.

    We’ve added a new clause clarifying the responsibilities of users when posting works on pixiv.
    Even if a work was generated by an AI program by coincidence, if we deem that it bears an overly strong similarity to a specific pre-existing work and violates the Guidelines on prohibited posts, the user who posted the work must bear responsibility for the work.
    Please double-check and use your judgment before posting works.

    Prohibited Post Content

  • Posts that contain sexual content involving real persons who are minors, or photo-realistic depictions of minors that could be mistaken for real persons

  • Posts that use programs or other automated methods to create excessively accurate copies or imitations of works without permission from the copyright holder of the work

  • Posts that wrongfully incorporate existing images, etc. into the production process without permission from the creator and/or subject, in such a way as to be detrimental to the creator and/or subject

  • We’ve clarified the clause prohibiting sexual depictions of minors that could be mistaken for real-life photography. In addition, we’ve added a clause prohibiting the use of AI programs to copy the work or creative process of other creators for malicious purposes.

    Illustrations, Manga, Ugoira, and Other Images

  • Real-life photographs or photo-realistic images that can be interpreted as sexual content

  • Photo-realistic sexual images that could be mistaken for photographs are prohibited even if they are not actual photographs.

    【Previous version】
  • Works that are mainly real-life photographs (*)

  • 【Updated version】
  • Images that are primarily real-life photographs, regardless of the use of filters or photo editing (*)

  • Works based primarily on real-life photography are prohibited, even if they use filters and photo editing. However, real-life photographs may be deemed acceptable when used as novel covers, and in certain other cases. Please check the Guidelines for further details.

    Prohibited Actions when Posting Novels

  • Lists of machine-generated text, or meaningless text that cannot be understood by a third party

  • Posts that do not include text at all. However, images (such as text screenshots) posted with novel text in them are exempt from this restriction

  • Novels that are determined to be nonsense writing rather than actual sentences may be deleted.

    About AI-generated Work
    The content related to AI-generated work that we posted in previous announcements and in the Help section has now been added to the Guidelines. We’ve also added some additional content in response to our observations of actual usage patterns on our services.

    The following types of work must be labeled as AI-generated work, regardless of the software or tools used to create the work, or other modes of use/processes.

    As already detailed in previous announcements and in the Help section, all posts for which all or most of the creative process was carried out by AI must be labeled as “AI-generated”.

    Works that are not labeled as AI-generated may be automatically labeled as such by the Company, at the Company’s discretion, based on these guidelines, in cases where the Company can objectively judge based on the usage status of the work that the work was generated by AI.

    If we check the usage status of the work and find good cause to believe that the work was AI generated, we may add the AI-generated tag to the work automatically. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    Recent technological developments have made malicious activity and other activity that could be detrimental to third parties much easier to enact. These revisions are intended to strengthen our restrictions against such activity, to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all the users on our services.

    pixiv will continue to address the issues posed by AI technology, in order to prevent activities that threaten the creative activities or expressive abilities of our users, or restrict future possibilities for our users to develop as creators. We are committed to employing legal, technological and social frameworks to ensure that the daily activities and experiences of our are not limited by malicious activity, now or in the future.

    We will continue to update our Terms of Use and Guidelines to reflect changes in society, whether or not those changes are related to AI technology.

    Thank you for your continued patronage with pixiv.
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